Why Your Cellphone is Making You Sick

Why Your Cellphone is Making You Sick

Did you know that your cell phone most likely harbors more germs than your toilet seat?  In a recent study done in the UK, scientists found that one in six cell phones was contaminated with fecal matter.  Why?  The most likely reason for harmful bacteria to linger on devices is that people fail to wash their hands properly after using the restroom.  Alarmingly, 16% of phones were found to harbour e-coli, a harmful bacteria associated with stomach illness and in serious cases of food poisoning.  

Researchers travelled to 12 cities and took 390 samples.  E-coli bacteria was present in each city, a fact that proves this is a more common issue than you might think.  E-Coli bacteria can survive on hands and surfaces for hours at a time, especially in warmer temperatures.  They are easily transferred by touch to door handles, light switches, railings, and mobile phones.  From there, they will be picked up by other unsuspecting people.

The simple act of washing your hands properly is the first step in helping to prevent serious illnesses. It is also recommended to wipe down your cellphone to take extra precaution.

Some other interesting facts:

Did you know that cell phones have 18 times more bacteria than a toilet flush handle?

Bacteria can live on your phone for up to a week

30% of viruses make it to your fingertips just by touching the screen of someone else’s phone.


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Putting a little product on a cloth and wiping down your phone or using disinfecting wipes can prevent the spread of germs.



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