We Practice What We Preach

We Practice What We Preach

While it’s nice to know that your distributor of choice promotes environmentally friendly products, do you know if they practice what they preach?  Our company has taken steps to maintain a sustainable future for everyone, and every year we strive to be better than ever before.  For example, over the past year we have changed all lighting in our warehouse to energy efficient bulbs in an effort to conserve energy.  We’ve noticed that the new lighting not only saves money, but has reduced picking errors as well.  The old warehouse had very dim lighting, which made it difficult for warehouse staff to pick product.  We measure errors every day, and since we have implemented the new lighting we have noticed a reduction in picking related errors.  Our warehouse also recycles our pallets, and we re-use boxes we receive for samples as delivery boxes for small shipments to our clients.  

Our office also recycles as much as possible, previewing documents before printing, and only printing what is absolutely necessary.  We have reviewed and scrutinized all of our processes, and in many areas we have implemented more efficient procedures which reduce paper waste.  If you would like to help, you can receive your monthly statement, invoices, and quotes via email.  Simply contact our office to sign up.  We have also begun to receive all faxes to our company via email, therefore eliminating needless wasted paper.  

We knew there was a need for sanitary and foodservice disposable products, but at the same time we recognize that people care about the life cycle of the products they are using.  This is why we only align ourselves with the best manufacturers in the industry, along with Dustbane. We promote a vast number of environmentally friendly products including mops made of recycled pop bottles, plates and cutlery made of sugarcane, hot cups made out of corn, and so much more.  If you are interested to see how your facility can be more green, we’d love to help.

Here at WAT Supplies, we recognize that if we are going to preach to our customers about going green, at a certain point we need to look in the mirror and be able to say that this is what we have done as a company.  Sustainability is the right thing to do, and we feel that being a green company is not a choice, but a way of life.  

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