The Ergonomic Benefits of Carpeting

The Ergonomic Benefits of Carpeting

Debating whether to install carpeting or tile?  Considering purchasing anti-fatigue matting?  Here are a few things to consider.  When evaluating the overall ergonomic effects of carpet, standing comfort, slips & falls, and sound control are the three major factors to address in your choice of floor covering.  

 Studies show that walking creates an impact force averaging 1.3 times one’s body weight with each step.  Carpet’s cushioning reduces that stress on the feet, legs, and back, which lessens fatigue and contributes to a more productive atmosphere. 

 Did you know that 87% of falls occur on hard surface floors?  Of those falls, 91% produce injuries.  On the other hand, only 13% of falls occur on soft surfaces such as carpeting.  Of those falls, only 15% sustain injuries, which is a major health and safety benefit. 

 Whether in a kitchen, office, grocery store, or industrial plant, matting can play an integral role in the well-being of your staff.  To request a catalogue of our anti-fatigue matting, or to see samples, call our office or stop by our showroom.  Matting available in a variety of colours & sizes.  Beveled edges, Recycled Content, Grease Proof, Anti-Microbial, & Welding-Safe options available.

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