The Dangers of Using Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Hand Soaps

The Dangers of Using Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Hand Soaps

The Facts you NEED to Know to Protect your Health.

Did you know that antimicrobial soaps are tied to a public health crisis?  It’s quite true.  The fact is that using these soaps are contributing to antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Antibiotic resistant infections now claim more lives each year than aids, and cost the health care system $20 billion per year.  

Washing your hands is the #1 defense against the acquisition and spread of germs, but you do NOT need to use antibacterial soap to get the job done.  In addition to paying more for these products, antibacterial soaps containing the common ingredient triclosan pose major health risks.  What’s even worse is that triclosan can be found in many common household products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, dish detergents, and deodorants.  

1. Early data shows that overuse is contributing to the creation of hardier, more resistant bacteria strains.

2. Triclosan not only kills bacteria, it is also been shown to kill human skin cells.

3. Since these products kill both good and bad bacteria, they are known to contribute to the development of allergic diseases like asthma and hay fever.

4. A child raised in an environment free of dirt and germs may not be able to build up a natural resistance to disease, and becomes vulnerable to illness later in life.  This may be why over the past few decades immune system diseases have doubled and even tripled.  In a recent study 860 children were tested for levels of triclosan.  Children with the highest levels had nearly twice the risk of environmental and food allergies than children with low levels.

Dr. Sarah Janssen of the Natural Resources Defense Council is quoted as saying “It’s about time the FDA has finally stated its concerns about antibacterial chemicals like triclosan.  The public deserves to know that these so-called antibacterial products are no more effective in preventing infections than regular soap and water and may, in fact, be dangerous to their health in the long run.”  

As if that weren’t enough, did you know that when triclosan mixes with the chlorine in your tap water, chloroform is formed.  Chloroform has been classified with the EPA as a probable human carcinogen and has been declared as an environmental toxin this past spring in Canada.  So please, don’t use something that includes hazardous ingredients.  Plain gentle soap and water is just as effective, inexpensive, and much better for the environment and your health.  

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