Starting your own cleaning company can be overwhelming and exciting all at once. In our experience it is best to start slowly and ensure you do your homework. Here are some other suggestions we find have helped our clients in the past:

1. Obtain all appropriate licenses and permits required to start the contract.

2. Be committed. There will be challenges that will test your patience. It is important to have short and long term goals that are realistic and achievable, and also suitable for your experience and position in life.

3. Know what you CAN and CANNOT do based on your current experience and knowledge. If you don’t feel comfortable performing a task know when to ask for advice or sub-contract. If you do a sub-standard job due to lack of experience, you risk ruining your reputation.

4. Have a solid & consistent process to estimate the price you should bid for contracts.

5. Determine a structure for hiring new staff, training, equipment, & the kind of chemicals you wish to use.

6. Product brand names should not necessarily be your #1 priority. It is more important to connect with a local distributor committed to your success.

7. The vendor you choose to provide you with chemical and equipment should be willing to provide support, guidance, and training specific to the products they are providing.

8. Research Ecologo, Green Seal, & CIMS GB Certification to learn about green cleaning standards & recommendations your clients may ask about.