The facts about downgrading your paper products to save money

Higher costs associated with logging, processing, and transportation have made it crucial for companies to cut costs on their bottom line. But is switching to thinner paper really the answer? A thinner product may be perceived as cheap which reflects poorly on your facility. Studies show thinner paper also leads to higher labour costs. Using a thinner paper based on case price might end up costing you more in the long run if you are paying a custodian to constantly service the restroom.

Low quality paper might not be a cost efficient option if the end user ends up needing more of the product versus using a higher quality product. Did you know, on average 18 inches of paper is enough to dry your hands adequately? However, facilities that use thinner paper often see patrons double this amount to properly dry their hands. Width and absorbency DO play into the amount of paper used.
So, how exactly do you save money on paper products? We suggest purchasing towels and toilet tissue in bulk. It’s much less expensive to do a bulk order. One invoice and one delivery save your facility time and money. Often times volume pricing is also available.
If you are using a multifold or single fold towel, it may be worthwhile to switch to a rolled towel. On average, for every four cases of folded towels, a facility will only need one case of rolled towels.