How You Can Give Back to Your Community

How You Can Give Back to Your Community

Contributing to your community is an important way to come together, give back and it makes you feel like you’re apart of something bigger. There are multiple ways you can give back whether it be small or big in your eyes, any sort of help is still giving back. Here are a few ways you can contribute to bettering and helping the community you live in. There will be a list of some resources to look into if you are interested in doing any kind of volunteering/donating in the Sudbury area. 

Volunteer: There are so many different charities, organizations, and events you can donate your time too. Volunteering your time is such a valuable action, you can gather friends or family and work together, the more hands involved the better. Sometimes the best thing you can give to someone is your time to contribute to the greater good.

Donate to Charity: Look into local charities or organizations that you believe in and feel connected to and donate what you can. A big or small donation doesn’t matter, everything counts. If you want to make a larger donation ask friends and family to participate with you whether it is a one time thing or a yearly contribution. Donating more than just money is also beneficial, whether it be to a food bank and going through your pantry, or old toys to a daycare, there are many possibilities to donate more than just money. 

Random Acts of Kindness: Paying it forward is important, a random act of kindness can brighten someones day that maybe really needed brightening. Small acts of kindness really do go a long way and most people will never forget the small act. Think about the one time someone did something out of the blue for you and how much you appreciated it. You can pay for someones order in a drive thru or offer to help out a neighbour, do a favour for someone without asking for anything in return. There are so many actions big or small that can make somebodies day a little bit easier and hopefully inspire them to do the same. 

Pick up garbage/recycling: Organize a community clean or go with a couple others and clean out the ditches, walking trails, parks and other areas that need it. Cleaning up your surroundings is not only doing your community a favour but also the earth. 

Shop Local: A great way to support your community is to shop at local businesses when you can. There are probably so many amazing businesses you aren’t aware of and should look into visiting. Help local businesses stay afloat by shopping there and spreading the message. 

Donate Clothes: If your closet is full and you find yourself not wearing a few of your pieces, pass them on to those who need them. There are donations bins throughout the city and places to bring them like the Sudbury Women’s Centre or the Jarrett Value Centre.

Important links: 

Volunteer Sudbury:

Relay For Life Volunteering:;jsessionid=00000000.app20110a?NONCE_TOKEN=C68C0AE1705E38E76CD237183BB6B55F&pw_id=25382&pagename=RFL_CAN_NATL_volunteering

Sudbury Food Bank:

Elgin Street Mission:

Better Beginnings Better Futures Community Centre:

Sudbury Women’s Centre:

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