It seems distributors are always looking for ways to get the upper hand over their competition.  Sometimes they even resort to taking advantage of their customers by cheating them on towel and toilet tissue purchases.

For example, distributors sell a 9” jumbo toilet tissue roll which comes with a standard of 1,000 feet of tissue.  Over the years some companies have begun to sell 9 inch rolls with 800 or less feet.  Even though the rolls may look the same, they’re far from it.  Manufacturers are fluffing the rolls and also rolling them more loosely to achieve the 9” diameter that clients are accustomed to.

Distributors who sell cheater rolls are swindling their customers by passing them off as traditional rolls, but at significantly lower prices as a way to obtain new accounts.  The lower price tag is just a disguise, and most clients don’t realize is that it’s not actually a bargain.  Often times, there will be as much as 40% less paper per case.  Purchasing smaller rolls also drives up facility labour costs, because maintenance workers will change rolls more often.

How do you tell if you’re being cheated?  Ask!  An ethical distributor will not hesitate to show you the quality of their product.  Chances are, if the case of paper does not list specifics such as the amount of rolls, amount of feet, weight, amount of sheets, etc. the paper isn’t what it appears to be.