It seems that distributors will do almost anything to gain trust from clients. What most clients don’t realize is that they may be purchasing “cheater can liners” at lower prices, and they are actually being swindled. Cheater can liners are products that are not the proper thickness, weight, or size that they claim to be. Distributors pass them off as regular product at significantly lower prices as a way to gain access to new accounts.

Cheater liners weigh less and have mil counts that are lower than the box lets on. So how do you tell if you are being cheated? Look for words on the box such as “nominal gauges” or “market quality”. The box might read 43x48x16 ‘CN, which means nominal. Nominal means plus or minus 10% on the gauge, so the bag you might end up with might be 10% thinner than 16 microns. Sometimes boxes will be marked as “equivalents”, or sometimes the specifics may not be marked at all. People are very trusting, and don’t think that the product labels might be misleading them.

In one case a distributor weighed his product against a competitor’s, and found that the competing product weighed seven pounds less, even though the product was labeled the exact same way. Upon further examining the product, the competitor’s bags were visibly thinner and not as durable.

When the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Thinner bags mean you may have to use two bags, which doubles your cost. Or, you run the risk of the bag breaking and spilling garbage, causing lost productivity and employee time to clean the mess.

The best way to find out if you are being cheated is to ask. Ethical distributors will be more than happy to show you the quality of their product, place it on a scale, and explain exactly what they are selling. It’s smart to stick with a product and a manufacturer that is reputable in the industry. Always remember the age old saying “you get what you pay for”.


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