Keeping your kids or yourself busy this winter may be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! There are ways to keep yourself busy this winter that will help make bonding memories to start off the new year…. add these to your list of to do’s this season.

1. Enjoy the Outdoors

This one seems simple but there are so many little activities you can do with family or friends (safely) to change up your day to day routine or weekend plans.

• Make a Snow Fort or Build a Giant Snowman
• Snowshoeing
• Winter Hike

2. Craft Night

Do something crafty, whether it be a small canvas or a decor item for your home, the ideas are endless… seriously, check Pinterest. Crafting can be relaxing and it could be even better enjoying time with loved ones, plus you have a physical item to remember forever.

• Bird Feeders (pinecones, peanut butter, bird seed etc)
• Welcome Sign
• Winter Wreath
• Knit A Scrunchie
• Cut Paper Snowflakes

3. Baking or Cooking

This is the perfect time to make all of those baking treats you’ve wanted to make. Learn a new recipe or two and make treats to drop off safely to friends and family.

• Homemade Caramel Popcorn
• Homemade Soup
• Mulled Wine
• Pie
• Egg Nog

4. Have a Winter Bonfire

Who says fires aren’t just for the summer? Why not enjoy one when it is actually cold. Cozy up by a bonfire in your hat and mittens, for an extra added level of coziness put up lights and sip on hot coco and roast marshmellows.

5. Go Sliding

Grab your crazy carpet just like old times and find a hill! Who remembers how fun it was to go sliding, bring back old memories and make new ones. A guaranteed fun time for the family that gets everyone outside.

6. Take Family Photos

While we are all sat in the house, get creative and take your own family photos. Set up a timer with a tripod (iphones work well too) and take some memorable photos. Get dressed up, find a great spot in the house you can maybe decorate with either a lit candle or two, winter decor and have your own family photoshoot.

7. Set up a Game Night on FaceTime, Zoom, Snapchat or House Party 

All of these apps/websites are free! To help keep from missing friends or family, host a game night online and make it feel like the real deal. Bring snacks and have everyone commit to a day and time and have some virtual fun. Not sure which games to do? Take a peek at your game collection and see how you can put a twist on it to fit your online situation.

Zoom, Snapchat and FaceTime- Facetimes new feature is having more than two on the screen, and the others also allow a good amount of people on! Play games like Dictionary or Bingo, here is a list of games you can play online:

House Party already has games you can play right on the app which makes it super easy, you can have up to 8 people online at once!