Ahh…. the best time of the year, Spring cleaning. Whether you partake in the feeling of needing to clean and reorganize your entire house, these 10 tips may teach you something you didn’t think of or know to do before. We hope you learn something!


  1. Don’t ruin your upholstered furniture: By using the wrong cleaner, you may ruin your beloved furniture. Not all manufacturer labels mention what type of solvent to use. Familiarize yourself with these cleaning codes. W: Use water-based cleaning solutions S: Use dry-cleaning solvents, don’t saturate or use water S-W: Use water-based cleaners or dry-cleaning solvents X: Use a vacuum or brush only.
  2. Use a Window Squeegee to Scrape off Pet Hair: Ever thought of this one? To get hair off of your carpet or rug try a window squeegee, the rubber edge is a great tool for gripping and removing hair off of your rug. Use a firm grip and finish with a vacuum.
  3. Use Towels to Avoid Scratching your Floors When Moving Furniture: Placing towels under the furniture will help prevent floor scratches. Fold your towels and place under each end while rearranging furniture.
  4. How to Clean Dirty Keyboards: If certain keys are sticking on your keyboard isn’t the same as it used to, chances are dirt and crumbs are the culprit. Sweep cotton swabs between your kets to dislodge dust and grime. To really get rid of whats living underneath use compressed air to blast away any leftover dust.
  5. Declutter your Closet: An easy way to declutter your closet is to remove your winter clothing and put it in storage. Winter clothes can be bulky and take up a lot of space, you can free a lot of your closet by putting them in storage and be able to see all of your summer options! At the same time you can re-evaluate what pieces you still want and how many times you wore it and decide to donate to keep.
  6. Reorganize your Junk Drawer: Once you empty out your drawer, suck out dust and crumbs with your vacuum’s nozzle. Toss anything you don’t need or doesn’t belong. Now everything goes back and you can easily reorganize with drawers and nonslip liners.
  7. How to Wash Pillows: Most fibrefill pillows are machine friendly, which means you can toss them in there machine for a refresh. Be sure to wash two pillows at a time to keep the washer balances ensuring an all around clean. While any washing machine will do, front or top loading machines without an agitator (the large spindle in the middle of some machines) is your best bet.
  8. 3 Step Process to Cleaning Out your Closet: The easiest way to declutter your closet is by sorting out everything into 1) Storage 2) Donate 3) Keep Piles. Storage items would be winter or bulkier items you don’t need often. Donate clothes you haven’t worn in months.
  9. Adapt to your Cleaning Personality: Some people are stress cleaners, others are procrastinators. Identify your cleaning personality which will help with your cleaning plan and routine and one that works with you and not against you.
  10. Make your Trash Smell Better: Cooked fish for dinner? Help your kitchen trash smell a little better by placing a couple dryer sheets (even used ones will work) on the bottom of the can. They will absorb spills and help mask doors.